Academic Handbook

The nature of the academic handbook is to help students plan their steps for their future, to get you to where they want to go. Included in this academic handbook are graduation requirements.  However, please know that most of the time, college entrance requirements are not the same as high school graduation requirements.  We encouraged students to work with the School Counselor to set up a program that will benefit the student, in the short term and in the long term. As you build your schedule, keep the following in mind:

1. What do I plan to do after high school?
2. What schools offer training or programs in my area of interest?
3. What are the general entrance requirements for these programs or schools?

Saxony Lutheran High School provides Christian training in basic skills and allows for opportunities to accommodate as many students as possible according to the gifts they have been given. This may include dual enrollment classes through a local university or inclusion in the career technical center program.  Whatever your goals, discuss them with parents, teachers, and others! Enjoy the process and God’s blessings in the upcoming school year!